Bette Page reads a book on Sexology

Welcome to the The Center for Transformative Sexology (TC4TS). It’s not quite a physical location and it’s much more than a simple place holder. What we are out to accomplish is a shift in the way that people think about sex and sexuality to the point that society as a we transform the way humanity engages with themselves and others.

Currently, many people are living sexual shame or with difficulties associated with sex and sexology. For many of those people if they are seeking support, they might consider the path of Clinical Sexology.

Clinical Sexology is amazing and very helpful…

Before we go too far into what we are out to create with The Center of Transformative Sexology, it might be a good start to explain the current landscape of Sexology.

Sexologist: A person who specializes in Human Sexuality and has acquired the knowledge and skills to discuss such matters through the study of areas such as sexual behavior, health/wellness and identity or experience .

Currently there are two major fields of Sexology:

Clinical Sexology: This field of Sexology is primarily dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of sexual or mental health issues that impede sexual fulfillment and enjoyment…

The Center For Transformative Sexology

We are committed to the blending of Transformative Learning and Sexology principles to transform the areas of sex, intimacy, sexuality and relationships.

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